Coronavirus Vaccination Update – Frequently Asked Questions

We know that the coronavirus vaccination programme is fast paced and sometimes it can be difficult to find out information so we have provided answers to some commonly asked questions.

Where can I go to receive my vaccination?

East Cornwall now has two local vaccination centres, one at Millennium House in Pensilva and the other at the China Fleet Club in Saltash.  There is also a new mass vaccination centre set up at Home Park in Plymouth.  Our health centre offers appointments at Pensilva and the China Fleet, we are not responsible for offering Home Park appointments.

Who has received there vaccinations?

At the health centre we have vaccinated or offered vaccines to all our care homes and there staff and all patients over 80 years old.  We are also making good progress in offering vaccinations to 70-79 year olds and those patients who are clinically extremely vulnerable.  We expect to have offered and vaccinated all of these groups by mid-February.  We are currently vaccinating all our housebound patients

Do I get a choice of vaccine?

There is no choice of vaccine, there are occasions medically where a certain vaccine is given, but a GP will make that decision based on an individual patient’s medical history. 

Why is Millennium House in Pensilva still being offered to Saltash patients?

Millennium House in Pensilva offers the Pfizer/BioNTech and  AstraZeneca/Oxford vaccine whereas the China Fleet site only offers the AstraZeneca/Oxford vaccine.  Our health centre still gets allocated appointments at Pensilva so we continue to offer these appointments knowing patients are often happy to travel.

What about transport to either site?

You can book transport to either site by contacting the vaccination hopper on 01752 848 348 or the Saltash red bus on 07905795256.

How do I find out when I will receive my vaccination?

The following link has lots of information about the cohorts being vaccinated –

When will I receive my 2nd vaccination?

We are currently working to the government guidelines of 12 weeks.  We are expecting to offer patients there second appointment between 10 and 12 weeks, this may change based on the government guidance.

We encourage patients to visit the vaccination site where they received their first vaccination.

What if I have not been contacted and believe I should have received my vaccination?

Please contact us via our website to enquire or telephone the practice on 01752842281 after 11am in the morning or after 2pm in the afternoon.