COVID Vaccinations and Vaccination Centre Update

We are now starting to deliver COVID vaccinations as part of a local Vaccination Centre (VC), the first centre is based at the Millennium House in Pensilva, all our patients that we have contacted have been positive about attending the centre for their vaccination.

Going forward we realise that a more local centre is required and therefore a new centre is opening at the China Fleet Club in Saltash. We are expecting this to be open in the next few weeks.

Please note that you do not need to contact the health centre about your vaccination, as the vaccine becomes available we will contact patients to book their appointment within the national priority list. The list can be found on the “COVID-19 vaccination first phase priority groups” page on the website. This will include housebound patients.

Plans are underway to vaccinate all care home residents by the end of January.  Both care home and general practice staff will also be vaccinated to ensure they can continue to provide services to you.

Please be assured we are all working hard to look after you and ensure the vaccination programme happens quickly and safely to protect us all.

Thank you for your help and understanding.

With very best wishes

Saltash Health Centre